AAMI HTM Resources
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AAMI HTM Resources

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In this episode, Chace and Danielle discuss various resources provided by AAMI for HTM professionals. They cover topics such as gray areas of equipment service and HTM, succession planning, emergency preparedness, and planned maintenance compliance. These resources aim to provide guidance and support to HTM professionals in their daily work and help them navigate challenges in their field. This conversation covers various resources and initiatives in the field of healthcare technology management (HTM). It discusses the HTM training guide and the importance of succession planning. The conversation also highlights the core competency guide and the comprehensive training guide for HTM professionals. The HTM levels guide is explored as a tool for benchmarking HTM operations. The HTM retention survey reveals key findings on employee retention in the field. The conversation concludes with the mention of the children's HTM career brochure and the upcoming AAMI Exchange event.

To learn more about CBET: www.cbet.edu
To learn more about AAMI resources: https://www.aami.org/HTM/htm-resources/

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