The podcast it’s informative. I also enjoy the fact that the Bearded Biomed is changing things up creating different ways to inform individuals about the Biomed industry. 👏👏 I Loved the book can’t wait to see what’s next !!

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Beardiful Podcast

This podcast is entertaining and informational. I enjoy the fact you bring important topics to the forefront while at the same time keeping it light and comical. I also commend you on you trying to reach out to future biomeds and educating potential biomeds knowing that our field will be in high demand in the near futu...

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Good intention; not so good execution

I give three stars because I believe the host’s heart is in the right place. I just couldn’t get through the second episode as I listened to the host continuously complain about the most rewarding and exciting industry I have had the pleasure of serving. There is so much more to this industry than the minor annoyances ...

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Bearded Biomed
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