Ollie The Biomed

The First Ever Biomed Technician Children's Book

This children's book is a depiction of the profession known as Biomedical Equipment Technician, AKA "Medical Device Doctor." Ollie the Biomed experiences a work day repairing, calibrating, and solving real world problems found within the everyday job of a Biomed. It illustrates the complex but rewarding career filled with so many devices used in healthcare today to treat patients. Biomeds are directly responsible for inspecting, repairing, calibrating, and managing all aspects of any medical device found in hospitals today. This is a profession struggling to build awareness as the majority of the workforce is set to retire within the next decade. I wrote this book for my son to learn exactly what his dad does and why I love what I do each and every day. I hope to inspire kids across the world to seek out more information and become Biomeds because it is truly rewarding and fun.

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