Bearded Biomed

Join this bearded man on an endless journey through hospitals, surgery centers, and clinics. Keeping medical devices operational while asking the age-old question to hospital staff... did you plug it in? Embark on this quest of service calls and the industry as a whole that leaves me pondering; why the hell do I love my profession so much. Knowledge will be given, occasional grievances will be shared, and laughter will commence! Leave a rating or review and check out the YouTube channel to watch the podcast! Disclaimer: The views and opinions given by your bearded host are solely mine and do not reflect the agenda or opinion of any other entity or affiliate.

June 13, 2024

Biomed Imposter Syndrome

FAN MAIL: Send a "Bearded Message"In this episode, Chace discusses his experience with imposter syndrome and reflects on his accomplishments and impact in the biomed profession. He shares his thoughts...

May 21, 2024

AAMI HTM Resources

FAN MAIL: Send a "Bearded Message"In this episode, Chace and Danielle discuss various resources provided by AAMI for HTM professionals. They cover topics such as gray areas of equipment service and HT...

May 08, 2024

PM Biomedical

FAN MAIL: Send a "Bearded Message"While at the MD EXPO in Vegas I sat down with Pranil Singh & Ali Marwan Youssef to learn more about PM Biomedical. PM Biomedical is a full-service repair depot th...

May 01, 2024

The New Pronk PM-1 (Pressure Max)

FAN MAIL: Send a "Bearded Message"Rick from Pronk introduces the Pressure Max digital pressure meter, a compact and accurate device for measuring pressure in various applications. The meter has multip...

April 17, 2024


FAN MAIL: Send a "Bearded Message"SummaryUltimo is an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) system that provides asset management and maintenance solutions. It offers configurability, flexibility, and a S...